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Why let major manufacturers chew up your IT budget when you can access certified support and hardware directly? Black River Technology (BRT) offers your business computer hardware and maintenance, without the big price tag.

Black River Technology is a global leader in delivering quality solutions to customers in more than 20 countries. Whether buying or selling, we are a market leader and a recognized force in the industry for our product quality and environmental responsibility. In addition to the products we sell, we can provide an entire package of services to our customers such as our onsite  maintenance plans.

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- Low latency
- High-throughput
- Efficient Architecture

Our view on IT

The Uncompromising Low latency and High-throughput Build Up of
HP BladeSystem make it an essential for today small business and demanding data centers alike.

It is clear that fundamental nature of data center computing is fast changing. Server virtualization, cloud computing, and everything-as-a-service (XaaS) imperatives are changing data center traffic flows, and Moving up bandwidth and performance demands. The next-generation data center requires a build up that can deliver both high throughput and low, predictable latency for demanding applications. HP conducted a test to measure latency and throughput for HP BladeSystem and Cisco UCS environments. The results are published resently by HP, titled HP BladeSystem delivers a low-latency, high-throughput architecture without compromise and shows that HP BladeSystem delivers low latency and high throughput.

Applications are changing; architecture matters more than ever
For HP BladeSystem deployments, HP Virtual Connect delivers direct server-to-server connectivity within the enclosure and the rack, thus enabling wire-speed, machine-to-machine communications for delay-sensitive, bandwidth-intensive traffic. In addition, HP Virtual Connect modules can be leveraged to dynamically fine-tune application-specific performance across server and storage networks to improve scale and make the best use of shared connectivity resources. In contrast, Cisco UCS blade architecture is a hierarchical network design that integrates management in the top of the rack switch or Fabric Interconnect (FI), creating a dependence on a Cisco-only approach.

Network latency test comparison
HP recently tested and compared the network latency and throughput of the HP BladeSystem configured with a ProLiant BL460c Gen8 Server Blade and the BladeSystem c7000 platinum enclosure to the Cisco UCS B200 M3 blade server and 5108 enclosure. To
measure the network latency and throughput, the Netperf 2.60 application was used to benchmark the two systems. Netperf is a benchmark used to measure the performance of networking infrastructure. It provides tests for both unidirectional throughput and end-to-
end latency. Results for latency, throughput, and CPU load were recorded. All testing was performed by HP in August 2013.

Unparalleled Performance
As confirmed in the HP Netperf benchmark testing, the HP BladeSystem demonstrates and continues to provide high throughput with the lowest latency when compared to the results of the Cisco UCS blade design. Testing confirmed that the Cisco UCS design forces tradeoff between latency, throughput, and processor load that can vary significantly based on tuning. HP’s BladeSystem network solution offers an Adaptive Mode that dynamically adjusts IRQ coalescing to maximize overall performance. Therefore, no network tuning is required by the user. Repeated testing with the documented setup and configurations validates HP’s claim to network performance without compromise, offering real world benefits for HP customers.

Want More Information?
Whether your data center is large or small, if you need unparalleled performance, easy and flexible management and smart design, request a quote from BRT. We know you will love our pricing compare to the OEM and our competitors. Each of the HP products distributed by BRT is backed by a Warranty, so you can rest assured that our certified team of well trained engineers will be there to assist if any problem should ever arise.

Innovating with Extreme

Mobilize your network with Extreme Networks high performance stackable and chassis based Ethernet switches, cell site backhaul routers and wireless access points and controllers.

A flexible Extreme Network that easily accommodates the latest technology allows you to adjust to changing business demands, while at the same time increase profitability. And with BlackRiverTechnology as your partner, creating and maintaining your network is simple.

Our other impressive inventory of networking equipment, such as Cisco Switches, Cisco Routers, F5 networking appliances, Juniper networking equipment, and other top-manufacturer machines, allows you to easily add infrastructure capacity or deploy security. And with our networking experts available to guide you, technical networking issues, such as legacy migrations and interoperability issues, are easily managed.

IBM Printers – Refurbished & Ready to

In today’s economy, choosing used and refurbished IBM hardware is a great way of
saving important budget dollars. When your company doesn’t absolutely require
the latest, greatest technology, a refurbished IBM hardware solution can make
sense when working with a trusted, proven partner.

All IBM Printers we sell are completely tested and reconfigured in our own
Reconfiguration Lab. Additionally, our IBM Printer are IBM certified, banded and
guaranteed eligible for the manufacturer’s maintenance program.

IBM Printers Whole Systems & Parts

We buy and sell all models of IBM Printers and we are aggressive about buying
whole systems and parts from end-users, worldwide resellers, leasing companies,
IT outsourcers, etc. We carry the following IBM Printers platforms in our inventory:

IBM Datacenter Printers:
IBM 4230 Impact Matrix Printer IBM 4232 ASCII Matrix Printer IBM 4247 Printer
IBM 4400 Thermal Label Printer IBM 3160 Printer IBM 3130 Printer
IBM 3900 Printer IBM IP3000 Printer IBM IP4000 Printer
IBM 6262 Line Printer

IBM Printers – Technical Specifications

You may click on any of the IBM Printer models above, which contain links to our
Resource Center and view technical specifications for that particular IBM
model. If there are IBM specifications that are not listed that you would like
to see included, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your