About Us

Black River Technology are IT partners you can rely on

When you partner with Black River Technology you get the ultimate support crew for your business IT infrastructure. You have access to software and hardware engineers around the clock that will ensure your operation is running smoothly. Our team will be with you at each step of your projects life-cycle from design, acquisition and deployment to decommissioning and everything in between. And our certified support engineers provide IT support and hardware maintenance on behalf of the manufacturers so you get the same quality service without the big price tag.

We’re independent. We’re responsive. And we’re friendly too!

As a large solution provider we are able to negotiate the best possible discounts with our suppliers and carry an extensive range of spare parts.

We have deep technical expertise on all the major OEMs including:

  • Sun
  • HP
  • Cisco
  • IBM
  • Juniper and more

as well as a unique understanding of the value of these assets on the open market.

But more than all of these things, our expertise is available to keep your IT systems running when you need them most. Which is every day. And weekends too.

This combination makes us uniquely qualified to deliver value to your organization.